Symposium Committees

The Organizing Committee is responsible for the overall coordination of the Symposium. The Committee ensures that all aspects of the symposium are being developed in an appropriate time frame and within budget. It also works with the Technical Committee to ensure that a cohesive theme for the symposium is maintained as well as assist in the coordinate the paper review process.

The Technical Committee is responsible for ensuring a well-balanced, high-quality Symposium program.  The committee handles all issues related to paper submission, review and selection and the establishment of the final conference program. Committee members are experts in their fields and may represent different areas within the domain of the Symposium.

  • Organizing Committee
    Responsible for the overall coordination of the Symposium.

  • Technical Committee
    Ensuring a well-balanced, high-quality Symposium program.

If you have any questions or comments for either committee, please email us at